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Code of "savoir vivre" on holidays

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Private owners of vacation rentals available on this site have pledged to respect a quality charter. In return, renters are asked to respect this code of "savoir vivre" on holiday.

bouton.jpg If you request information on a holiday rental, respond quickly by email or phone, whatever is your choice to take or not a reservation.
bouton.jpg If you request a pre-booking, the owner is to be contacted in the week to confirm it or not.
bouton.jpg Return the rental contract within a week.
bouton.jpg If you anticipate a delay in arrival or if there is a change from the conditions of booking (additional person, for example) you must notify the owner as soon as possible.
bouton.jpg If you cannot occupy the rental, notify the owner as soon as possible. If he can find another renter, you can then ask him to repay a portion of the deposit, knowing that it is in no way an obligation to him.
bouton.jpg Respect the accommodation available to you. The law requires you to behave in "good father" that is to take care of the accommodation given by the owner, to keep it clean, and cause no disturbance of neighbors.
bouton.jpg If the accommodation is not in accordance with description given on the site, thank you notify our team that will change the specification or remove the holiday rental: contact.
bouton.jpg If using the label Vue sur Mer ® do not appear to be conform for a holiday rental, thank you notify us: contact